FUSIONFLAVOURS .. Handled by Steve Quirk in UK
JAZZ VIEWS. A comprehensive site with very good information and also features CD reviews.
MIDDLE 8 MUSIC. Fantastic on line CD store supporting numerous Australian artists.
WORLD OF SMOOTH JAZZ. Huge site with links direct to artists home page.
MUSIC TECHNOLOGY Hutchings Keyboards and dealer for a variety of software and hardware applications.
THE SONIC SPOT. Music related software(shareware & freeware) a very good page.
TOM'S HARDWARE. If you want answers and reviews on hardware and general information you'll find all and more on this page.
OZ JAZZ WORLDWIDE. Very good page with heaps of valuable information.
THE MUSIC REVIEW. The music industry search engine.
SONIC MASTERING. The Mastering Studio.
JAZZ FM. A network of internet and land jazz radio stations.
EXPANSION RECORDS. Record company based in UK.
AUSTRALIAN SMOOTHJAZZ NETWORK. All Australian network of radio stations.
THE CYBER SESSION GUITARIST. MP3 's and other valuable stuff for download.
RADIO 2CCR - FM. Smooth Jazz at its best.
K-v-R VST RESOURCES. Great site with heaps of info about VST related plugins and sound banks.
BIRDLAND RECORDS. Best CD store in the country for jazz and smooth jazz.
VINTAGE MUSIC. Homepage for Guitarist / Composer Albert Calvo
ARK MUSIC. New Australian site featuring many independant jazz and smooth artists.
AUSTRALIAN JAZZ CONNECTIONS. Great site with heaps of information on whats jazz in Australia with a great CD store on line and email links direct to artists.
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